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Samana Private Airport Transfers & Taxi Service - Samana El Catey AZS Airport in Dominican Republic.

At the Airport

Upon your arrival at the airport, you will need to purchase a tourist card which has a cost of (USD $ 10.00) or optionally also 10 euros, unless you are from Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Peru or Uruguay. The tourist card allows a visitor to stay up to 30 days. Those who want to stay longer will pay a fee when leaving. There are some airline and travel agency that has included the tourist card you should investigate with your airline or travel agent if you have included the tourist card. Those who wish can purchased the tourist card in advance online:


President of the Dominican Republic

The current President of the Dominican Republic is Danilo medina, which has been President for two terms in the last election on 16 may 2016 won with 62% of the votes. The biggest project of the President Danilo Medina has been investing in the education of the country. In his first term as President built more than 24,000 thousand classrooms all throughout the country of the Dominican Republic so far he continues to building more classrooms.

A bit of geography of the Dominican Republic

The island is divided between two sovereign country, Haiti and the Dominican Republic; it is the second largest island in the all Caribbean with 76,192-square-kilometer. The territory of the Dominican Republic is 48,445 square-kilometer and the rest of the territory belongs to Haiti. In the Dominican republic speak Spanish as first language but there’ are many people that speak English, French and German. In Haiti speak creole it is similar to French language and many people speak English too.

Religion of the Dominican Republic

There are many difference religions in the Dominican Republic, which have been be growing and changing. Historically, the Catholicism predominates as religious practices from across the country. In modern days, the Protestants and the non-Christian groups, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims, have grown up in the population but the Protestants is the second most professed religion in the Dominican Republic. The most professed religion is Roman Catholicism. It has an estimated about 60% of the population. During the Decade of 1820s, the Protestants have migrated to the Dominican Republic from the United States of America. West Indian Protestants arrived to end of the 19th in the county by the Decade of 1920s, were established several organizations Protestant it long of all the country.